Citizens, Communication, and Democracy in the New Digital World

30th EURICOM Colloquium on Communication and Culture in Honour of Professor Hanno Hardt

Piran, Slovenia, November 16-17, 2012

The 2012 CCC colloquium will be focused on citizens’ participation and representation in the media in the context of global processes of media digitalisation, concentration, and convergence. We expect the participants to address issues of:

  • implications of contemporary global technological, economic and political changes for the fulfilment of fundamental democratic functions of journalism and the media to provide information, stimulate citizens' participation in public debate, and facilitate citizens to participate in the media in terms of content they produce and organisational participation;
  • alternative channels and forms of democratise communication in the public sphere, such as reforming the media from within based on the initiatives by professional media/news-workers; creating new 'alternative' media with autonomous publics by citizens' groups and non-governmental organisations seeking to participate more fully in public life while bypassing the corporate media; and promoting changes in media environments;
  • the relationships between journalists and their sources: between citizens-generated content and the mainstream media; between news and blogging, the role of televised audience discussion programmes, phone-ins or talk-radio, web publishing, 'grassroots' materials in the news production and i-journalism; and generally between citizen participation, main stakeholders' actions in media governance, media gatekeepers, and media audiences.
    • Suggestions for papers with abstracts are invited until July 15, 2012: final papers are due by November 1, 2012.

      Send abstracts or any requests for further information to: Slavko Splichal ([email protected]).


      Fifteen years ago, Ian Connell edited one of the earliest special issues of Javnost – The Public devoted to corporate communication. He suggested that “gone are the days when such communication was turned over to the enthusiastic amateur. Now trained professionals, often with experience of PR, and to a lesser extent marketing, are responsible for internal and external communications, and sometimes both” (Connell 1996, 10).

      Since then corporate communication has developed rapidly. A critical mass of scholars and practitioners see corporate communication as an interdisciplinary field that integrates business, organizational, managerial, marketing communications and public relations. Corporate communication has become one of the lynchpins of competition within different sectors, and a significant source of both, an opportunity for and a risk to long-term competitive advantage. However, it seems that stakeholders’ trust in organizations and public scepticism toward their behaviour and communication have reached the historical lowest point. Anti-corporation protests, consumer boycotts, revealed corporate “greenwashing,” NGOs’ actions against corporate decisions indicate that corporate communication practice is in crisis. This clearly calls for a thorough critical analysis of corporate communication theories and practices.

      Javnost – The Public invites authors to contribute papers focusing on the general question of what are the consequences of corporate communication for its stakeholders and society at large, and more specific questions, such as: What is the role of corporate communication in achieving stakeholders’ identification and engagements? What are the mechanisms of improving communications among stakeholders affected by corporations? Can organizations rely on corporate communication to build, protect, and maintain their reputation, achieve trust, and meet stakeholder needs?

      We wish to invite papers which address any of these questions from a critical perspective. We are equally keen to consider theoretical reflections and detailed empirical case studies. Prospective participants should send abstracts of about 250 words to Klemen Podnar (klemen. [email protected]) by December 1st, 2011; final papers are due by June 1st, 2012.

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