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Communication, Freedom and Change, Vol. 7 - 2000, No. 4

The Emergence of Convergence: Technologies, Industries, and Regulations

, , pages: 37-54[open access]

Technological convergence has spurred the restructuring of communication industries and has stimulated the need to reconsider existing media laws. Traditionally the technologies of telecommunications, broadcasting, satellite and computing operated independently while the industries associated with each were regulated independently along the same lines. Technological convergence challenges the vertical regulatory models of broadcasting, telecommunications and computer services while simultaneously challenging the traditional approach to regulation by nation-states. This article explores the scope and early phases of regulatory convergence examining approaches to and sources of regulation in an ever increasingly globalized media world. The shift toward moving media regulation into market regulation internationally is examined within a survey of diverse approaches to regulating convergent technology. The authors propose a model of communication which could be used in future consideration of communication regulations worldwide.

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