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Slovene Suplement, Vol. 15 - 2008, Suplement

The role of the Slovenian newpapers in the processes of unification and separation of the Slovenian public from 1797 to 1945

, pages: 9-24

The article describes the role of the Slovenian newspapers in the processes of unification and division of the Slovenian public. Author exposes a critical view on the levels of the uniting and dividing practices. Practically all programmes of the Slovene social movements in history considered the question of nationality; they strongly diverged in terms of political goals and ideologies. Until the press evolved, the differences of opinion were part of other social spheres – religious, nationalist etc. With the formation of the public and the emergence of political daily newspapers, the Slovenian public became divided into two camps: the Catholic and the secular/liberal. The divide concerned all spheres of public life and remained unchallenged until today. Despite multiple centuries of divisions and ideological arguments, the Slovenian national interest remained the quintessential value that upgraded all the ideological and political divisions.

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