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Slovene Suplement, Vol. 15 - 2008, Suplement

History of audience and programme research in RTV Ljubljana/RTV Slovenia

, pages: 133-150

Radio and Television Ljubljana established the Department Programme Research (DPR) in 1970. In the first ten years of its activity, DPR carried out surveys of TV viewing and radio listening twice a year. Beside that it also carried out many other surveys to identify opinions of the audiences on radio and television programmes, about their life styles and about general social issues. During the 1980s, both television and radio audience research became less frequent. However, in the period from 1991 to 2006, the radio research unit of DPR carried out surveys and measurements of radio listening always on the same day of the year. Television research unit tried to find better solutions in the 1990s and started to cooperate with external research institutes, which ended in the use of telemetric data that have been available in Slovenia since 2000. In collaboration with university scholars, the research department at the national RTV also conducted some useful content analyses. Due to a thorough and systematic publication of the results, numerous data on audience and the development of radio and television programmes in Slovenia are preserved as a precious evidence of the time.

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