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Communication, Development and Social Participation in China, Vol. 27 - 2020, No. 2

Guest Edited by Yuezhi Zhao and Jing Wu

Mediatised Politics: A Persepctive for Understanding Political Communication in China

, pages: 112-125

Through multiple case studies, this essay attempts to paint a general picture of “mediatised politics” in China. The author first discusses several phenomena typical in Chinese political communication, such as government Public Relations training, Internet public opinion guidance, government communication on social media, and regional branding. He then analyses the historical origins of “the mediatization of publicity” and “the public-relations oriented transformation of government administration” in China, and the complex influences they have had on the country’s society and culture. With these descriptions and analyses, the author provides a new perspective to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese communication, especially vis-à-vis the relationship between the Party state and media.

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