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Global Challenges to Digital Media Policy and Regulation, Vol. 30 - 2023, No. 2

Guest Edited by Hannu Nieminen, Helena Sousa, and Claudia Padovani

Another Media System is Possible: Ripping Open the Overton Window from Platforms to Public Broadcasting

, pages: 284-297

Despite their absence within dominant policy discourses, radical ideas for structurally reforming information and communication systems are proliferating. This article begins to explore and synthesise several policy proposals for creating ambitious—even utopian—models that better serve democratic societies’ information needs. These initiatives generally aim to decommodify the entire digital media system, thus requiring a holistic approach, with special attention given to discrete layers of content production and dissemination. Within this broader framework, it is necessary that policies attend to the political, economic, and technological specificities of platforms and journalism.

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